the day I first saw her

Never has there been a greater earthly gift given to a man than the blessing of a family. I am truly blessed. Since getting married life has been a whirlwind of change. Carrie and I have taken on new tasks, and new vocations in ministry. We’ve remodeled our house and officially made the “Bachelor pad” I had previous inhabited a place suitable to raise a family. Finally we have taken on the greatest task in all of humanity, being entrusted with a human life. This has been the cause of much recent excitement.

Wednesday we finally had the long awaited sonogram, revealing the sex of our baby. Though the gender of my child never really mattered much to me, I had felt strongly that it was going to be a boy. So much so that in my head for whatever reason, I had always just assumed it was a boy. Even in the waiting room at the hospital I was excited but calm, because for whatever reason I was sure it was a boy; and I was so happy to have a boy.

Carrie and I walked into the tiny, dimly lit room. The nurse lifted up Carrie’s shirt, exposing her beautifully round pregnant stomach. She smeared a blue gel all over her belly, then pressed the sonogram instrument down over the gel with a force that made me nervous at first. Instantly on the monitor above appeared the most beautiful silhouette I had ever seen

My baby with my baby!

My baby with my baby!


It’s unexplainable how quickly tears can form in your eyes at the sight of your un-born child. One doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal, you think it’ll just be another moment to go into the mental catalog of cool moments like when I watched the Diamondback wins the World Series, or witnessed young people I had been mentoring give their life to the Lord. I figured this would be one of those times; I was wrong. That little moving baby on the black and white screen become the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. The most stunning event I had ever witnessed. I was beside myself.

The nurse ask if we wanted to know the sex of the child. Carrie and I both excitedly assured her that we wanted to know. She then looked at us and said: “Looks like it’s a Girl”.

AAAHHH! Mush I became! I couldn’t believe it! I made her check 3 or 4 more times, surely she had made a mistake. She was positive, it was a girl. This bit of news changed everything. Instead of thinking about sports games, and backyard army forts, the attention turned to tea parties and pretty hair bows. I’m enough of a softy already,but  knowing that I’m getting to raise a little girl is going to only increase the mushiness of my heart!

We walked out of the office, out to our car, without turning it on just sat their with huge smiles on our faces. We weren’t quite able to get words out, the shock and excitement of having a girl just left us speechless. Finally we started calling family to tell them the news. I was undone.

Girls are just precious. I can’t wait to schedule “date nights with dad”. I can’t wait to braid her hair. I can’t wait to help her find and walk in the destiny God has for her. I can’t wait for the day to come along when boys are asking for her number and I get to, in holy righteous zeal, scare the living daylights out of them. I can’t wait to cry at her wedding when I give her away, and complete my task. I can’t wait to be her dad.

So to you Natalie, even before you are born; I love you!


8 thoughts on “the day I first saw her

  1. This is currently the best moment ever, but just wait until you hold her. Shoot, if you think you’re mush now…

    Also, feel free to scare Tae half to death, it will make him fight for her.

  2. Blessed is the little girl whose father feels this way about them and models it for them their whole life long. Congratulations!! : )

  3. I am thrilled for you two. I had the exact same experience with Hayden, but I thought for sure it was a girl. Laurie didn’t want to know the sex until he was born, so I had to wait unil the day he was delivered to find out I had been wrong. But, just like you, I am over joyed to have my son. I must be gettting sappy in my middle age, because I am next to tears just thinking about your joy!

    I just wept that first time we had one- I was overcome by the goodness of God to give us this child. What a joy they are!!

  4. I recently shared part of this over at Jim’s blog so now I will share it with you:

    My dad, who was a professional baseball player in his younger days, longed to have a boy too , but had four girls instead. I asked him once if we girls would been have jealous if his wish for a son had been granted.

    He replied, without hesitation: “No, he would have been.”

    One of my memories about my dad that I’ll never forget is how proud he was of all his girls no matter how we ever messed up. When we took him to the hospital in the final throes heart failure when he was 90 years old, like the southern gentleman he was, he formally introduced my sister and I to all the medical personnel who were attending him in the emergency room. He would say to each one, “This is my daughter who’s a professional photographer and this is my daughter who is a registered nurse, and then go on and on about each of us until we were literally embarassed.

    My sister apologized to one of the nurses for Dad’s bragging, and the nurse said, ” Don’t apologize. I would give the world for a dad who loved me like like that.”

    So, know that God has granted you a daughter to be proud of, and make her know how she is cherished, not only by her heavenly father, but will now be shown a living example of His unconditional love by an earthly father.

    You’ve been assigned.

  5. Prediction- Zacks Hensley’s days of blogging will be a thing of the past when his little bundle arrives. it will be the one thing that is easily expendable in your time management crisis…..

    BTW, we are pregnant again!! YAY!

  6. Hey Congrats you two!!

    I used to keep up almost weekly with what you would say, because I was so encouraged by what you would share during my season of nothing but Jesus…which I found continues even inside of full time employment, just a new context for Him to consume…

    I recently went through something with a relationship that I would like your (and Carrie’s if she has a minute) opinion or thoughts on…do you guys have time to read and respond to e-mails these days? At least till the lil’ one comes along?

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