Intimacy with Jesus intro

I would like to take the next month and talk about I topic that I not only love to talk about, but a topic that I feel needs intimacy with jesus smallerclarity: Intimacy with Jesus. This being an introduction to the subject I want to lay out a simple overview then go in depth in the various areas over time.

The topic of intimacy with Jesus immediately throws many off. Whether it be men not wanting to use the word intimacy in the same sentence as a male figure. Or woman picture themselves putting on a wedding dress to symbolically “marry Jesus”. When I talk about Intimacy I’m not talking about romance in a sensual way, but about love in a personal subjective way. Here is the definition I’m using:

Intimacy: is our close, familiar, and loving relationship with the living God through his son Jesus Christ. We were created to know and love God with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength; Giving all we HAVE to know the joy of his heart and give him glory.

Understanding intimacy with Christ can at times be a quandary. It’s all about Jesus and His glory, yet there is a place where it is also necessary to understand his love toward humanity. Paul exhorts the church in Ephesus “That you would know the riches of the glory of His (Christ’s) inheritance in the Saints” (eph. 1:18) In other words that we would know the worth and value Christ has in us.

The truth of the matter is when we see God differently, we see ourselves differently, then see others differently. Knowing His affection and delight in us His saints will spark us to love Him in ways we couldn’t in our own understanding. Understanding His heart for us, his blessed creation, empowers our hearts to give Him the glory and honor, and worship he is not only worthy of, but requires from His saints.”We love because He first loved us.” IJn. 4:19

However in our understanding of God’s loves it’s easy to take only our subjective understanding about his love as doctrine, and never actually get a holistic Biblical picture of God in this regard. Therefore the next month will first take a look at how God has loved us, presently expresses His love for us, and how He will love us. Once we are able to get around those topics I will write how we then respond to the expressions of His love, and how this knowledge causes us to live as we were created to: confident in love.

I know, I know some long time followers of this blog are already rolling their eyes: “Zack you’ve started ambitious series like this before, and rarely follow through!” that used to be true but the difference here is that I already have most of these posts written… so unless apart from apocalyptic disasters, or the internet somehow crashing, I feel confident I can follow through this time.

If you have any questions concerning this topic leave a comment. As I tell my students, asking good questions is the path to understanding. (I mean that in the most non “zen” way I can possibly say it)


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