Thomas Paine and What Dreams May Come

My friend Kyle made a new years type resolution to blog once everyday this year. Jealous as I am of such a resolve, I’m considering making the same type of resolution. Not because I have an inflated view of my own opinions that you the reader need to hear, but because I’m a writer. At least I aspire to be a writer, but not in the form you may be thinking.

When I was in highschool I was a history geek. Actually I AM a history geek, and always have been. There, that’s better stated. However in High School I dreamed of being Thomas Paine. I admire many of our revolutionary fore-fathers but Paine always stuck out to me. He sparked a revolution with a pen. His book “Common Sense” helped give the colonists in Boston and elsewhere the courage to fight Britain. At 16 I dreamed of being a revolutionary like Paine who would one day write a book, or pamphlet, or blog post that would spark a revolution/ revival in this nation.

I admire Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Who after living through the nightmare of Stalin and Kruschev and their oppressive reign on their own people, resolved to inform a public that deified such monsters of their evils. His books “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and His series “The Gulag  Archipelago” shed light on the Soviet Union celebrated leaders as to just how wicked their reigns really were. Though they’re were many economic and political reasons that brought the Soviet Union to it’s knees, Solzhenitsyn’s works gave people the desire and resolve to see a social-political change.

Maybe it’s blind ambition, maybe it’s a calling from God, maybe it’s that I grew up watching too many hero type movies as a kid where one man has the ability to cause great change, maybe I have an over inflated sense of self worth, maybe I just like run-on sentences. Either way I don’t yet have a revolution to write for. I don’t have a large government conspiracy to uncover. But I do have this blog, and for whatever reason do have a lot of readers. At  least that’s what the statistics say. So in the name of learning how to write better, and giving myself a daily writing assignment, my resolution this year is to write 5 posts a week. I don’t promise that every post will be filled with deep meaning or life changing content, but I do hope some posts will.

So get used to having me around again. This blog is back in full effect.

peace out peeps.


4 thoughts on “Thomas Paine and What Dreams May Come

  1. Well the only way to make a dream come true is to take action on it. So many people sit and wait around for opportunities to come to them.

    And 10 years later, they will still be waiting.

    I see you’ve made a move to actually make your dreams come true.

    I will be looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Oh contraire my good man, you do have a revolution to write about! Read Isaiah 52:7-10. This is my revolution anyways. And don’t worry about blind ambition or an over inflated sense of worth… we are all placed in this specific generation for a purpose, much like Thomas Paine was, by a sovereign God who wants to thunder His heart to people everywhere. The question is, are we listening and are we willing to echo that thunder! Keep writing.

  3. Nate, I agree!

    This is one of the most encouraging and touching-to-my-own-heart comments I’ve ever received.

    Seriously I just teared up: “are we willing to echo that thunder” stuck a chord in my soul.

    Thank you for the encouragement, indeed I will keep writing,

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