Life As Worship

Yes, it has been quite a bit of time between this post and the last. I was a bit too ambitious to think I’d have time during the summer to blog. However summer is over, all the teens have returned home, and I made a pledge to blog 500 words at least regularly! So let the blogging venture begin… again.

The last post I wrote I promised to go over 5 ways to keep your heart alive. While I still plan on this, I would like to lay the foundation for a greater topic that I believe is the foundation of those five; Worship.

You see it at every church service, people clapping, raising their hands, and if they are really bold even dancingduring worship times. In fact one of my favorite memories as a kid was going to church services and marveling over each person’s expression of worship. For instance there are this older lady who sat behind us every Sunday, she would lift her poor arthritic hands and sing “how great thou art” as loud and off key as possible. As a 9 year old I’d often snicker to myself and point her out to my sister so she could join in my glee. This always landed me a thump to the ear by my mom for being disrespectful. There was another guy who carried his keys on the belt loop of his jeans, and would dance up and down in the aisle much to the chagrin of the ushers. No matter where you sat in the sanctuary you could hear the shink shink shink sound of his expression of worship to God.

As I look back know I think about how precious many of those childhood skepticals were. There desire to worship was sincere no matter how outrageous, and I know it blessed the Father’s heart. However worship isn’t primarily about how loud we sing, clap, or how expressive we dance. Worship is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s meant gain nearness to a man named Jesus not an expression meant satisfy a religious requirement. Worship is a privilege given to us by our creator to inspire fellowship with His heart.

Humanity was created to worship. At the very core of the human existential crisis, the question of Why are we here? is answered by the object of each human’s worship. For the Buddhist it’s self actualization. For the alcoholic it’s the next drink. For the college frat boy it’s the next sexual encounter. No matter the conclusion each person finds one thing is clear, that each person is choosing a lifestyle based on the object of their worship. The alcoholic does not work a job to find meaning or build a career, but to have a revenue stream that he can spend on more alcohol at the end of the week. Whatever we choose to worship, our lifestyle will be built around that thing. Our lifestyle is the fruit of what we worship. If we are not worshiping Jesus, our lifestyle will testify to that effect. Righteousness is the fruit of a life that is centered on the worship of Jesus Christ.

Those services where we lift our hands and sing out in adoration of Jesus are beautiful expressions of worship that I know the father’s heart truly cherishes. Even more, we worship him best when our lifestyle is directed toward one thing: giving glory to God in everything we do.

more posts coming soon


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