I forgot what a blog post was

In 2003 I started a blog before I had ever heard of wordpress, social networking, or social mediums. My ever hip mother handed me a copy of Wired Magazine (one of the many hip things she subscribed to) and told me that since I moved away to Kansas City from Phoenix, I needed to start a “blog”. So I got a website I built it myself using ancient hieroglyphs otherwise known as HTML Code. After a site was built I posted my first “blog” post.

I believe it’s content had something with marshmelows and my desire to travel Europe.

Over the years I stayed consistent with at least a post once a month. Until 2006 when I decided to jump into the pace of daily blogging. The first couple months were easy, I had a ton of creative ideas and opinions in my arsenal. But once they were expressed I had to work hard to dig up new things to write about. I started going to other blogs, writing posts commenting on their ideas. Before I knew it I was getting around 300+ views a day, and at least 20-30 comments a post.

I started getting connected with the ideas and creativity I always knew were inside of me, I had just never had a stage to work them out.

Then I met a girl. I worked hard to get her to date me. She said yes, then again, then finally “I do”- and I forgot what I blog post was. Every once in a while a faint memory of blogging would rise to the surface and I’d indulge in its memory by contributing a few posts here and there. However I never accomplished that glory that I once had in expressing thought and creativity through the written word.

Today I want to announce… that I have finally remembered what a blog post is. Does that mean I will start blogging again? Maybe, but I refuse to make promises.

For now, hello. Blogs are cool.


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