August Update: A Summer Like No Other


That is the current status of the Hensley household. As what could be called the busiest and craziest summer I’ve ever encountered, without exaggeration, has finally come to an end. As most know I have the privilege of ministering to a couple thousand teenagers every summer. This summer we had the same overwhelming response to the messages as most years. Most teens committing to start bible studies and prayer meetings on their High School campuses. A lot of one on one discipleship happening where teens left free from bondage with hearts healed and a game plan to pursue Christ at home. Though that alone would be enough to walk away from the summer with incredible testimonies of god’s power, it seemed evident that the lord was doing more this summer. It seemed that not only was he calling them to be faithful Christians, but he was also commissioning them as messengers of His gospel.

A few months before the summer I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the Lord say with clarity “I am raising up Samuels in a day when the word of the Lord is rare.”  Going into the summer that phrase kept repeating in my spirit as I prayed. The interpretation is simple enough, the Lord is raising up a young generation to testify of Jesus in a day when Jesus is becoming a scarce focus in our culture and in some places even the church.

Halfway through the summer I ministered at a conference in Houston Texas, that is one of many to come called the Elijah Revolution. I had the opportunity to preach and minister with a man I’ve always considered to be a role model for my life in Lou Engle. His faith for God to change our nation through prayer stirred my heart. Whether back stage where he would begin weeping over this current generation’s need for God, or on stage where he called the teens in Houston to fast and pray and give their lives on behalf of the gospel, his love for God and faith to see God transform hearts provoked me. I saw hundreds of teens in Houston crying out for their peers in prayer long into the night.

I encountered God in Houston while ministering to that group. Coming home with 400 teens waiting for me in Kansas City, I felt like the Lord gave me a greater grace and anointing to call this generation to take their love for Jesus to the place of prayer and begin to transform their regions through prayer and preaching the gospel. My first night back I was supposed to preach and had a great message on Revelation 5 and our eternal destiny planed for the night. I felt that phrase the Lord spoke to me months before echoing in my spirit. “I am raising up Samuels in a day when the word of the Lord is rare.” I gathered my leadership team and the 50 counselors that serve all summer with such faithfulness. I told them I was going to cancel the service and the special activity we had planned for that night and were going to pray as a camp instead and see what God does. I figured we at least would be able to get the group to pray for 2 hours or more and then maybe I’d preach still if things fizzled out.

We started praying and instantly I and most in the room begin to feel the presence of God. I felt an increase of faith and the delight of the Lord as if he’d grant us anything that night. We cried out for the youth of America, for President Obama, our government, our parents, families and friends for 6 hours. I kept waiting for different teens to disengage and start getting tired. However all 450 teens in the room stayed engaged into the midnight hour.If you’ve ever done youth ministry, this is a miracle.

For the rest of camp you could see in the faces and in the conversations teens were having in the cafeteria that many had been awakened that night. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have, not only because things happen when we pray but prayer in itself is like a seminary. It reveals to our hearts the heart of God. It takes our perspective of  life and world and ailigns it with God’s. When we partner with him in prayer it tranforms our hearts to trust God for our wants and needs and gives us a vision for the people in our life and world.

Since the teens have all gone home my inbox on Facebook has been flooded with testimonies of teens who are leading prayer meetings on their highschool campuses and having their peers get saved, delivered, and begin giving themselves to Christ. Teens are already beginning to fill their churches with young people as they are dragging their friends to church and telling them about Jesus.

I have been so blessed to be apart of the move of God this summer. All around the nation I’m hearing testimonies of God beginging to raise up teenagers to be messengers of truth. I ask that you join me in praying for them. God is raising up young messengers  to testify of His son in a time in our nation where the word of the Lord is rare. Jesus is the reason why I’m alive. My ambition is that in all my labors of ministry the result is that the name of Jesus becomes great.


Quick Update: For those that may be reading this update for the first time, Carrie and I serve as missionaries. We do not receive a salary for the work that we do.

Even our camps and conferences run at cost so as to be able to allow as many teens to attend as possible. This means our income is purely donations based.

I heard one of my favorite preachers John Piper say recently “There are go-ers and there are sow-ers, if you can’t go SOW!” So our ministry is based on those “Sow-ers” so that we can continue to labor on behalf of the next generation and serve the prayer movement.

Right now we have 3 prayer needs and invitations for you to give:

  • We will be traveling to Phoenix, AZ for the month of October for the purpose of support raising and speaking at various churches. Please pray that this is not only a fruitful time for us in ministry but financially.
  • We are in the process of wanting to adopt. We want our home to be a haven for the homeless. The cost of adoption is extremely high.
  • We are behind on most bills and in need of money to repair our second car. We need about $4,000. to get our heads back above water. Please pray for us in this as we need to take care of this debt in order to be able to adopt. Pray and consider giving both to the immediate need but also sowing monthly.

3 ways to help:

Pray– As I stated above this is a powerful way to partner with us.

Invite– As a preacher I’d love to come to any church or ministry and serve in any way I can. This both can can us grow our network of supporters but also give us an opportunity to witness what God is doing in other areas.

Invest– Partner with us through finances. We are in need of both one time gifts and monthly commitments to donate.

2 ways to invest:

To donate ONLINE click here:

If you would like a tax deduction for your donation, make the check out to: IHOP-KC and mail it to:

Support ATTN:

Zack Hensley

3535 E  Red Bridge Rd

Kansas City, MO 64137


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