Awakening Teen Camp Quarterly Update!

June marked the 4th year that I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the director of The International House of Prayer‘s Awakening Teen Camp.

Every year we have about 4,000 teenagers come out for 4 separate Awakening Teen Camps, and 2 separate Fascinate Conferences. Last week was the completion of the first camp and first Fascinate Conference. It’s was quite an amazing 2 weeks stretch as we saw God move in pretty incredible ways. We still have a lot of summer to go, but I thought I’d drop in with a quick update.

For me the story of this first quater of the summer so far is my wife Carrie. She came abord this year to help me lead and direct camp. It has been tremendous to get to direct with my best friend and comrade in faith.

The first camp alone we saw 55 teens out of 203 give their lives to Christ. (A fourth of the camp) Much of these commitments happend on the night Carrie preached on the message of the cross. She had a Charles Finney like glare in her eyes as she talked about the supremacy of Christ. A spirit of conviction gripped the room and most were in tears. Many came up to the alter weeping and repenting of their sins and dedicating their lives to Christ. I was not just proud of my wife that night. I remembered yet again why I need to continue to remember what powerful and anointed woman my wife is. She is easily more anointed then I am, and for real a conduit of Revival.

We had 120 teens make commitments to go back to their regions as missionaries and plant bible studies and prayer meetings. We had nearly 800 make the same commitment at the Fascinate Conference. God is raising up burning and shining lamps amongst the youth of our nation. It’s exciting to be apart of what God is doing with teens in this hour of history.

We have thousands more yet to come to KC, and tons more messages to preach, and young ones to disciple. Please pray for us as we labor to lay down our lives for the next generation.



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