Today’s Thoughts… We’ll see where we go from here.

Thought 1: Blogging has changed in it’s evolution for me. It used to be a platform for me to supplement my lack of one. Being a pastor of a church I preach often, share often, write often, just not online.  This is something I want to remedy.

Thought 2: Our nation is in crisis. I realize that that phrase is said so often that it’s become cliche, but it’s true. However we have to do a better job of alerting folks to the impeding crisis, rather than the “chicken little” approach. It’s true the sky is falling, just not today. One day it will fall, will our voices be muted on that day because we were not wise with our words today?

Thought 3: Debate. I love debate. I was born for it. Confrontation, arguing facts and opinions has always been a part of the make up of who I am. It’s so interesting that the Lord would place me in a place where debating is socially acceptable here in upstate New York. Not that I debate a lot as a pastor, but if a friendly battle of words and wits does happen to break out, it’s nice to be in a place where offense isn’t as easily taken.

Thought 4: Being the senior pastor of a church is one of the greatest yet most challenging assignments I’ve ever received. I’m learning that meekness is not just a wise tool God wants us pastors to implement, but it’s the only way to survive a pastorate. That lesson is being learned in me daily.

Thought 5: The battle over gay marriage is starting to get ugly. Really Zack? Didn’t notice. Well it is. It seems to be less about rights for homosexual and more about censorship of Christians. It’s hard to fight for the Mandates of Heaven while trying to love and show those that are fighting against you that you care. This is the fight where we leave it all on the field. God is love, He gets to define it.

I’m starting to blog again. Stay classy my friends.


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