Just When I Was Starting To Like This Dude

Pope Francis Atheists

It’s hard being a rational, thinking, philosophic minded individual with the conviction that somethings are absolute while other things are not. because speaking up on issues like this, you often get labeled as a fundamentalist sycophant with no ability to rationalize your faith.

However, the work of the cross and the need for humans to accept it in order to be saved and empowered through grace for good deeds is a fundamental and absolute truth that can’t be changed with the times. Nor can it be reinterpreted through a relativity in order to satisfy a nation drunk on subjectivity.

Article here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/22/pope-francis-good-atheists_n_3320757.html

The Pope saying that even atheists can be saved by doing good deeds is a boundary line we can’t cross. Not because atheists are second class citizens, they are beautiful image bearers of God that need reconciliation. A reconciliation that doesn’t come through good works.

Christianity is not morality, it’s love in Christ. We love others because we are empowered to by our love for Christ. You can’t have the second without the first.

Praying for the Pope. Praying for those in our faith. Let us fight the good fight of faith and lean into the saving work of Christ to empower us to love one another.

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3 thoughts on “Just When I Was Starting To Like This Dude

  1. Nice to see you in or in the blogs again. ..

    Reading the article in blog, same reaction here, ive been following da Pope on twitter and have been more open to him… until. ..

  2. I think what he said is worth a second look. When he says that God has redeemed everyone through Christ blood I believe he is saying that it is through Christ that good is done whether it is done by an atheist or a believer. Now I could see how this could make atheists very angry but I see no need for alarm on the part of Christians. Clearly God has given non-believers the grace to do good in powerful ways throughout history. Secondly the Spirit of Christ will never continue to grow in this world if we do not meet people on some common ground first and let the Spirit do the reaping. The Pope is finding ways to meet with people.

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