Benjamin Dunn… No Thank You

I recently stumbled across this video on the interwebs.

I have heard of Mr Dunn for years now. It was no surprise to me that I would not appreciate his brand of “worship” or christian music. I realize lately i’m sounding like such and old fundy. I’m really not becoming one. But there are lines that can’t be crossed  for me. Not because of a religious/ morality, but because of love. I love Jesus and want my life to please Him.

The song and video below is well done… or “dunn”? The music is great. Song is cool. Video is well done… dunn.

However it made me sick to my stomach. If ever there was a video that embodied everything wrong with my generation and where 20-30 year old Christians are headed, this video does that. Again, if as a pastor it didn’t make my heart sink, I would have probably loved it. But I can’t it’s stupid.

Christian dance party, drinking, making out, acting like kids, singing about wanting to be like kids again. It’s a great idea. Lets promote to Christians that what’s best is to stay immature, irresponsible, and do what makes us feel good and get free from all those guidelines that Christians use to imprison folks… sigh.

Give me young men and woman who fear God and love Jesus and His word first. Who serve, love and respect one another by embracing the grace of God that gives us joy, but clean joy… Any way. I could rant and rant.

Watch the video and tell me what you think and if you see what I’m saying.


One thought on “Benjamin Dunn… No Thank You

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