Fantasy Football Botherhood

Next week I have the privilege and honor of hosting 12 my closest friends here in New York for our Fantasy Football draft.

Wait did you feel that? It was the feeling of the deep eye roll. It’s the eye roll I get almost every time I mention Fantasy Football.

However our league is in it’s 12th year. Over 12 years these guys have become less “dudes” and more marvelous comrades. As most of us started out in the league as angst filled bachelors with out a clear long term occupation. We now find ourselves married with families and settling into long term career directions.

Growing up I was one of those dudes, that didn’t always relate well with other guys. I didn’t play sports. I was in the marching band, the varsity acting troupe and was the Christian club president. Most of my friends were girls, and save a very small few, most of my relationships with guys were mostly surface level. I never even knew having “bros” that I could share my heart with was possible. (take note however that while this post is a little gushy, they will appreciate it, but still give me crap… which is why I love them)

These guys have guys have been pillars in my life for over a decade. Guys like Dave Sliker, Isaac Bennett, Kyle Gebhart, Brent Steeno, Joel Sorge, Caleb Culver, Clay Edwards, Jon Ramos, Bob Powers, Kenny Reed, Micheal Sorge, Shawn Blanc, and others.

Through many different seasons of life they have been a source of entertainment, relief, counsel, and even discipleship. I’ve grown in faith, love and passion for Christ over the years, because of these guys. I love my FF bros like crazy! Which is why I’m excited to dominate them for yet another year.

So excited for the upcoming football season and excited to hang with these guys up here in my new home state of New York.


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