Communism, Islam, and… The Emergent Church??

It’s a bit embarrassing. The Family Research Council is about 6 years or some would say about a decade late.

Announcing at it’s Values Voter Summit that the Emergent Church is one of the most “urgent threats to America”.

4 years ago as the Emergent Church peaked and then faded into the sunset I wrote this piece “The Emergent Need For Christ” An Article that got a decent amount of attention, including a personal rebuke from Emergent church leader Tony Jones and him blocking me from every form of social media he has. Sort of a badge of honor for me.

Tony Jones

After much research, and a conversation on the phone with Tony himself, I was convinced that he was at the very least a wolf preying on Christians.

However his influence is nominal. The Emergent Church isn’t influencing America. The Emergent Church was riding the wave of cultural change and taking credit for being good surfers, not wave generators.

The Emergent Church has since disbanded.

Talking about them being a threat now is a kin to those announcing that Marilyn Manson plays dark evil music and kids should watch out. A great warning… a decade ago.

Lets stop sniffing out threats, and stand for something instead. Lets stop having gatherings worrying about threats, even though some be real, and utilize the power we’ve been given by the Gospel and Holy Spirit to make an actual impact. This is a time in history to be occupied by gut wrenching prayer, and extravagant love toward a society that needs the love of Christ and the Gospel.

Article: Top Three Adversaries of Christian Conservatives: Communism, Islam … and the Emergent Church?

(RNS) Christian conservatives who think Satan is using communism and Islam to bring down America can add a new “adversary” to the list: the Emergent Church movement.

A portion of the upcoming Values Voter Summit in Washington will stray from its usual focus on politics and consider the Emergent Church as one of three “channels the adversary is using to bring America down.” Art Ally, president of The Timothy Plan, a Florida-based mutual fund company devoted to “biblically responsible investing,” will lead the breakout session.

“Why would Satan use Communism? It’s a godless form of government,” said Ally. “Why would Satan use Islam? Same reason. It’s not a religion. It’s a movement to dominate the world under the guise of religion. The Emergent Church plays right into that by weakening further our church community.”

The Emergent Church was a hot topic a decade ago as authors and pastors likeBrian McLaren and Tony Jones challenged churches to adapt to a postmodern culture, but the movement never organized itself well, and the debate surrounding it eventually died down.

“The Emerging Church was founded to get the evangelical church to take art, social justice and other what might be considered progressive issues more seriously. It was also founded to get the Mainline church to loosen their neckties a little bit,” Jones said.


5 thoughts on “Communism, Islam, and… The Emergent Church??

  1. My point is that the Emergent movement was a way to name a greater issue/ movement. The Emergent movement got credit for something greater than them: the shifting and changing of culture. they didnt in essence start or drive anything, they simply put a name to the growing epidemic called Liberal/ Existential Christianity. They faded because as a movement they could be targeted.

  2. Whatever threat the Emergent Church did/does pose, thankfully the way forward is the same: being bold and gracious witnesses of the truth. Trying to hunt down and counter every lie is a never-ending task that will never be enough. Proclaiming the truth of who Jesus is and what the gospel is will expose false doctrines for what they are, whenever they crop up and whatever they claim.

    Of course, there are times to directly contradict specific teachings/people (Paul was good at that), but it seems to me that most of the time, the best course is simply to be clear about what is true.

  3. Interesting perspective, Zack. From this vantage, what could be considered truly original? The Reformation certainly had geopolitical/humanist antecedents; were Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, et al, simply surfing the waves of their age? Yes and no.

    I’d say Emergence has shifted from foreground to background because so much of the Christian landscape has accepted our analysis as the way things are. Not every corner of The Faith, of course; but many.

    Sorry for the over-familiarity. We do not know each other IRL.

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