Zack Hensley Resources

The Pursuit of Christ MP3 series

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the “constitution” of God’s kingdom. It is the litmus test by which we measure our success in life, our spiritual development, and our impact on others. The eight beatitudes that Jesus described (Mt. 5:3-12) are the foundational calling of all believers, as we pursue hundredfold obedience and position our lives to experience the depths of His love.

In this four-part series, Zack Hensley gives an overview of the Beatitudes and practical instruction on how to cultivate a heart that truly loves Jesus.


ATC Anthology MP3 series featuring Zack Hensley, David Sliker, Lou Engle, Mike Bickle and more

Awakening Teen Camp (ATC) Anthology goes deep into the key themes of loving Jesus with a lifestyle of prayer, worship, justice, and missions. ATC is for students 12-18 who want to know God and be awakened to the joy of impacting their generation with His power.

This anthology is a compilation of nine ATC teachings from Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Shelley Hundley, Corey Russell, David Sliker, Zack Hensley, Jennifer Roberts, and Brent Steeno.



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