The Call For Atheist Chaplains?

A blogger for the Huffington Pots Religious section posted this post about the need for Atheist chaplains, or Humanist chaplains as some have called it.

The author Chris Steadman writes rather boldly and confident about a subject that few understand. He calls out Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council for his comments about Atheist Chaplains being as paradoxical as “Vegetarian Carnivores”. Which I thought was a rather apt comparison.

Steadman says here: “As a humanist chaplain (for more on what exactly I do as a chaplain, check out a short piece I wrote last year), I frequently hear a version of Perkins’ argument: “[Advocates] argue that nonbelievers suffer the same fear and pain that affects every service member. But isn’t that why the military has psychologists?” (A serious question: Does he mean to imply that religious people don’t visit both chaplains and psychologists?)

The ironic thing here is that humanist psychologists would agree with Perkins’ question that Steadman seems rather snarky about. I mean, Im pretty sure Abraham Maslow and William James would say that psychology is the method of self actualization and connects us to our human power, ability, and care apart from faith.

The point is that chaplains were always intended to serve soldiers in their faith. Religion is a faith. If faith is required to believe that there is no God, then maybe they should relax and accept the logical conclusion that there is a God. 🙂

Obviously Im being tongue in cheek.

But we are talking about “vegetarian carnivores” here.

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